2018 Battleready Open

What: Teams of 2 Competition (Male/Male) & (Female/Female)
When: Saturday, September 29th, 2018
Check-In: 7:00 AM / Heat 1: 8:15 AM
Where: Crossfit Battleready
3257 35th Ave Evans, Colorado
* Team Competition Consisting of teams of two. (Male/Male) (Female/Female)
* Price is $60.00/person ($120.00/Team) & includes a t-shirt with a goody bag.
* Vendors will be available all day (Including Food)
* Prizes for Top Three Podium Winners in each Division!
Workouts: Male & Female Division
- Movement Standards will include all RX weights typical for Male/Female Open Standards
Movement Standards 


(10 Minute Time Cap)
3 Rounds For Time
24 Partner Plank Burpees
12 DB Overhead Squat 50/35
6 Bar Muscle Up OR 18 Pull ups
 *ALL reps are split evenly. Individuals may
choose 3 Muscle ups or 9 Pull ups* 
On 3-2-1 GO, Athlete "A" will begin by competing their 12 partner plank burpees. Once Athlete "A" finishes ALL 12 Reps, Athlete "B" may begin their 12 reps. This pattern is continued for all movements and all rounds. Time stops when athlete "B" finishes their
3 Muscle ups or 9 Pull ups.
Movement standards:
1. Partner Plank Burpees: One partner must stay in plank position while other partner completes their 12 burpees, finishing each rep by jumping over their partner. Athletes may jump over legs as long as both feet pass over body and not around. Full extension is not needed.
2. DB OH Squat: DB starting on ground, athlete must keep DB in the OH position and reach below parallel in the squat. You may use one arm for all 6 reps if desired.
3. Bar Muscle up: Full extension in the "hang" and Full lock out on top.
4. Pull up: Full extension in "Hang" and chin over bar at top.
Clean & Jerk Ladder (In 7:00 Minutes)
(Each Athlete must complete 2 Reps for weight to Count)
+ Calories on Rower for extra #'s
On 3-2-1 GO, One Athlete will begin by completing 1 or 2 reps of the first Clean & Jerk Weight.
Once athletes compete all 4 reps they may move on to the next prescribed weight. At any point and time, athletes may tap out at their desired weight and row calories to add to their combined weight. Workout is complete when 7 minutes are finished.
Movement standards:
1. Clean and Jerk may be performed in any style as long as athlete shows
control and lockout of barbell.
2. Weight only counts if BOTH reps are successful.
3. Athlete must complete 2 reps at weight before moving on to next weight.
4. Athletes must switch out own plates.
Score example
Athlete "A" 2 Reps @ 205 = 410#
Athlete "B" 2 Reps @ 185 = 370#
+ 63 Calories of rower = 63#
Total score = 843 Pounds
600M Sandbag Carry For Time
On 3-2-1 GO, Athlete "A" will pick up Sandbag in a "Bearhug" Grip. Once Athlete reaches the 50m Mark, they will walk around the cone and return back to their partner. Once athlete "A" returns, Partner "B" may begin their first 100m after a "high five' with their partner. Time stops when all 600m are complete.
Movement standards:
1. Grip on the sandbag MUST be a BEAR HUG.
2. If back is dropped, athlete must return to previously crossed line. (Every 5 Meters)
3. Athlete MAY run with bag if possible. 
4. Transitions must happen with bag on ground and a High-Five
(In 12:00 Minutes)
400 Double Unders
150/100 Calories on Air Bike
+ AMRAP Deadlift 255/185
On 3-2-1 GO, Athlete "A" Will begin chipping away at their 200 Double Unders. Once Athlete "A" tags Athlete "B", They may begin Chipping away at their 200 Double Unders. Reps for Double Unders may be completed in any desired amount of reps. (Each athlete will have a judge) Once all 400 Double Unders are Complete, athletes may begin chipping away at 150 (Men) Or 100 (Women) calories on the assault bike. Calories on Bike do not need to be split evenly as long as bike reaches prescribed calories. Once calories are complete, Athletes may begin accumulating As many Deadlift Reps as possible Before the 12 minute time Cap. (Score = Total # of Deadlifts)
Movement standards:
1. All Transitions must happen with a "Tag"
2. Double Unders Must be split evenly, Calories do not have to be even split.
3. Deadlift is the ONLY movement that counts as score.

Schedule & Heat Times 

3257 35th Avenue Evans, Colorado 80620 E-mail: CFBR.Battleready@gmail.com Tel: 970-515-3247

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