Lisa Hergenreter


Certifications: Crossfit trainer L1, Crossfit kids, Essentrics L1, MELT Method, Certified Sports Trainer (ASFA), Aqua Aerobics instructor (AFPAI), Holistic Wellness Practitioner (graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts), *Personal Trainer/group fitness instructor/nutrition coach at the Greeley Family FunPlex

BIO: I have had a passion for health, fitness and nutrition for as long as I can remember! I’m pretty sure I’ve tried all diet plans, most fitness programs, all of which were short term or lasted until the next fitness/diet trend came along! Then in July of 2008, my husband talked me into trying Crossfit for the first time. He had been doing CF for 5 months, but I was too intimidated to try. I was instantly hooked that first day! It soon became not only my favorite way to get fit, but also as a mother of 4 became a way to manage stress, make friends, then ultimately became my business/career. My love for Crossfit and specifically Battle Ready grows stronger everyday, I have been so blessed to have met some of the most incredible people through Crossfit who have become more like family than just lifelong friends! Crossfit still amazes me everyday to see the positive impact it has on people’s lives beyond the awesome physical fitness results, but to see how it can empower a person’s confidence & change how they see fitness and LOVE fitness is priceless!  I feel humbled and blessed to be a part of something  that has a way of changing lives for the better! At Battle Ready we welcome all ages, all fitness abilities & value everyone’s CF goals! I love this gym and all who have come through those doors and can’t imagine how different my life would be today had I not finally got talked into that first WOD!

Dylan Braly


Certifications: CF Level 1, USAW, AA Business, Navy Veteran

BIO: I started doing CrossFit in 2013 after leaving the Navy. I was seeking a way to stay in shape that didn’t mean doing curls in front of a mirror… I wanted something more challenging and fun, something that complemented my active life style. I am pretty much into anything sports and love being outdoors! CrossFit has been the answer ever since. I love walking into the gym, seeing all the amazing people trying to improve themselves and helping others along the way. The physical results right off the bat are incredible and not only shape your body but also your mental strength and confidence.

Michelle Braly


Certifications: CF Level 1, CF Level 2, CF Kids, USAW, BS Physical Education

BIO: Growing up with an older brother, sports were instilled into my life at an early age. Throughout high school, I lived for the love of sports. However, once it was time to go to college I unfortunately fell off the sports band-wagon, more because I hated not being part of a team. In 2010 I moved to Hawaii where water sports became a big hobby of mine and also became part of a slow-pitch softball team.


It wasn't until moving to Colorado in 2012 that I truly found the best team/ supportive group of people I had ever been around at CrossFit Battleready. I walked through those doors 20 LBS overweight and in the worst shape I had ever been in, but with the continued support and amazing atmosphere, the crew at Battleready made working out fun, challenging, and most of all motivating! I wouldn't trade the relationships I have made here for anything, and better yet, I now get to be the person changing peoples lives! 

"To be Inspired is Great, but to Inspire is Incredible!"

Ralph Fisher


Certifications: CF Level-1

BIO: Growing up I always played sports and they were a huge part of my life. Hockey, Golf, Baseball and Basketball were my favorites but as I grew up golf emerged as my favorite. I was a varsity golfer all four years of high school and that is where my love for sport and competition was really cemented into my personality. I went to Colorado State for my freshman year of college and studied Business only to realize that any sort of desk job that revolved around numbers probably was not going to work for me. I took a year off and was a ski bum in Northern California and came back to Greeley to attend UNC in the Sports and Exercise Science program. As I got older my involvement in any sort of sports begin to dwindle down to nothing more than a casual round of golf. I got on the scale in the fall of 2015 and was at the heaviest I had ever been. I was unhappy with my appearance and decided something needed to change. I was gifted a bike and took up cycling.


I immediately caught the bug and couldn’t imagine enjoying anything more. I rode for two years and had an excellent time. I was never the fastest but I was getting close. I wanted some way to train in the off season while there was snow on the ground so I turned to CrossFit. I joined CrossFit BattleReady in the fall of 2015 and dove in head first. I had tried CrossFit before but never really stuck with it. What I didn’t know is that my “offseason training regimen” was going to turn into my newest passion. After dropping over 15% body fat in one winter while getting into the best shape I had ever been in I realize this bug bit me 10 times harder than the cycling bug ever did, this was different.


What I discovered in CrossFit was a network of people just like me. People who wanted to be healthy, happy, competitive and who were always focusing on bettering themselves. After only a few months of consistent workouts I immediately began to notice a difference not only in how I looked, but more importantly how I felt. On top of feeling better about myself I was more confident in my ability to do just about everything. The feeling was really indescribable and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of FOREVER. Giving people just like me the ability to change their own lives every single day has to be the single most rewarding thing I have ever been a part of. Battle Ready is a place I look forward to walking into every morning and am never really ready to leave at night.

Ashley Frias

Certifications: CF Level 1, CF Kids

BIO: Mica Becker! Would not leave me alone for about 6 months, he would constantly hound me about joining CrossFit. I kept telling him I already go to WOW and I’m pretty much the fittest woman on earth… Finally I agreed and talked my Husband Adam into “trying it out” with me. For about 2 weeks he would not let us pick up any weight! All we used was a PVC pipe. Let me tell you, I have NEVER felt that kind of sore in my life! I have Mica and his wife Bonnie to thank for always expecting the best out of me. And never let me pick up weight without good form.  To this day I stick with “Quality over Quantity”. I would not be the coach I am today if it weren’t for Mica threatening me to join CrossFit. we've been in the cult since 2011 the year I popped my daughter Milli out. I got my CFL1 Certification in 2014 and my CFKids Certification in 2015. I am probably the smallest adult at the gym but the loudest. I love to have fun and the CrossFit community is where I can be myself. My daughter will grow up around the Battle-ready family and I wouldn't have it any other way! I am very competitive and play Basketball, softball, and volleyball. CrossFit has made me the athlete I am today and the strongest I’ve ever been!

Brandy Green

Certifications: CF Level 1, CF Gymnastics, BA Elementary Ed./History, MA Gifted/Talented Ed.

BIO: I found CrossFit when I needed a way to get my body back in shape. After playing sports most of my life, I took a break. I found myself craving a way to be fit, be part of a community, and get my competitive fix. CrossFit was and still is the answer. I enjoy coaching and participating in CrossFit, and my day job- being a third grade teacher. Lifting heavy, running, and outside adventures are the best! Unicorns, glitter, and goats(mostly baby ones) also make my heart happy!

Shelley Peterson

Certifications:CF Level-1, CrossFit Gymnastics, Powerlifting, BS Business Management

BIO: I started CrossFit out of curiosity. I had heard of it before but didn’t know exactly what it was about. After day 1, I was hooked. Over the years I’ve had the privilege to be a part of 7 different gyms across the country. One of the most rewarding experiences of Crossfit is seeing your athletes succeed and grow. I like to lift heavy and eat good food.

Justin Hill



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